Effective May 2016 Oliver Machinery has discontinued the intelliCarve line. Distribution for the current line and accessories is handled by ICONIC at iconiccnc.com or you can call them at 800-288-2961.


The intelliCarve is capable of handling a maximum work piece dimension of 15” x 20” x 4”.  Capable of working with wood, plastic, acrylic, corian, avonite, plexi-glass or other comparable materials, the intelliCarve welcomes any operation, from engraving signs, transferring digital pictures to lithophanes, intricate parts for projects and 3D carvings the intelliCarve is the perfect choice for the savvy woodworker.

Please make sure to read all instructions before installing any updates to your intelliCarve.

Model No. 1015 PRO
Stock No. 1015.002
X Axis Travel 15.3 in.
Y Axis Travel
20.5 in.
Z Axis Travel 4.13 in.
Max Object Size
15 x 20 x 4 in.
Tool Shank OD 1/4 in.
Max Depth per Pass
1/4 in.
Feed Speed X, Y, Z

10.5/.10.5/3 ft/min.

Spindle Speed
21,000 RPM
Spindle Motor
500w, DC Brushless, 110V
Step Angle
1.8 degree
Position Accuracy .003/.003/.0003 in.
Reposition Accuracy
± 0.004 in.
Controller LCD Display
Interface USB Port
Software 1) iPicture for intelliCarve
2) ArtCam Express 2011
Overall Dimension (in) 33x43x27
Weight 180 lb


  • I-Picture software & Art Cam Express (2011) software
  • Supports GO0, GO1, GO2 & GO3 circular and linear interpolation
  • Ball screws for X, Y, Z travel give high accuracy & are tolerant of dust build up
  • Hi-torque DC brushless spindle motor
  • Long lasting aluminum table
  • Carving Depth Maximum 1/4" per pass
  • Rugged & user friendly LCD controller 

(Please Note: The intelliCarve line is not recommended to carve any types of metal based material. Using this machine for materials that are not recommened will void the warranty.)