About the Company

Robland Machinery has already paved its way into the US market and is well known in the industry to be a high value European built machine.

From raw materials to shipment, Robland utilizes its 70% automated system. Most parts are made in house, assembly is performed by skilled workers, and quality control is performed throughout the entire process. Robland sets aside 5% of its budget for R&D and to evaluate efficiency and optimization of production while at the same time monitoring the quality of its parts being made.

Robland is a woodworking machinery manufacturer located in Bruges, Belgium. Since 1972, Robland has built its reputation with its high quality affordable combination woodworking machinery. Thereafter, the company extended its product line with panel saws, spindle moulders, thicknessers and various classical woodworking machines. Currently, Robland has obtained over than 60 international distributors and exported 85% of its products worldwide to more than 100 countries.

Robland has conserved its original mission to offer products with the best quality to price ratio in the market, which reflects in its product design, production process, sales force and customer support.

With continuous improvement of production and quality, Robland builds its products in the state of the art manufacturing facilities to achieve the market demands and fulfill customer requirements.

Robland’s high quality products and reasonable pricing are driven by its near fully automated production process, which leads a full scale of strict quality control, cost saving and production efficiency. You’ll see what it means by reading through this brochure.