4680 Hor Bandsaw
2323 2322 Adustable Cylinder
2332 Return Roller
2337 Control Panel
2339 Air Over System
4680 Blade Guides

4680 20HP Horizontal Band ReSaw

Oliver’s Hydraulic Single Head Horizontal Bandsaw Resaw is driven by a powerful 20HP motor. Hydraulic blade tension, hydraulic feed works and pressurized hold downs are just a few of the features that make this saw a cut above. As well, heavy construction and superior design mean this saw will stand the rigors of any shop environment.

The massive solid steel saw wheels are precision balanced to eliminate vibration. The saw wheels are designed heavy to increase momentum and allow clean cuts for even the toughest conditions.

The heavy duty return roller set has been added for operator convenience.

Adjustable air cylinder over shock absorbing system keeps the material securely planted on the conveyor table giving a superior cut.

The air over hydraulic system automatically keeps the correct blade tension under different loads.

Weighted scrapers keep the saw wheel free of debris and residue build up.

A fully adjustable oil mist system keeps the blade cool and lasting long.

The hydraulic pump and reservoir are conveniently located under the machine frame to reduce the overall footprint of the machine.

The conveyor feed works is driven by a powerful hydraulic gear motor allowing for more torque thereby ensuring constant feed, unlike a conventional electric motor in this situation.

The well laid out control panel is mounted on a swivel post for the operator. Included in the panel is a Digital Thickness Controller that automatically raises or lowers the blade to the desired height.

Standard off the shelf components are readily available at local supply houses.

A dual pressure roller system before and after the blade and the full width of the conveyor, ensures material stability as it goes through the blade.

The well laid out electric control panel uses off the shelf, readily available components. A soft start is included for the main motor.

Fully adjustable blade guides with grooved thrust bearing keep the blade running straight and true. Special guide material dissipates heat quickly.

Linear bearing guides support the massive band wheels to ensure longevity and negate saw vibration.

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  • Heavy steel frame construction throughout provides optimum performance.
  • Solid steel wheels are precision balanced for smooth operation.
  • Multiple dust ports for efficient dust management.
  • Convenient mounted control panel provides easy set-up and adjustment.
  • Digital readout quickly controls the thickness adjustment.
  • Variable feed rate speed is controlled by a hydraulic drive system.
  • Automatic blade tension allows a quicker set-up and correct tension during operation.
  • Fully adjustable oil mist system keeps the blade cool for longer life.
  • Multiple pressure rollers provide safe steady cutting.
  • Extra-long infeed conveyor provides more support of stock.
  • Features steel blade guides
  • Magnetic controls for safer operation.
  • Powerful TEFC main, hydraulic, and elevation three phase motors.
  • *Optional 440/460 volt available special order only. Additional cost/parts may apply.

Model No.
Stock No.
4680.001 20HP, 3Ph
Max Workpiece Size (W x H)
12” x 10”
Distance Blade to Conveyor Table
7/64” - 5”
Conveyor Belt Size
11-1/4” x 215-3/4”
Saw Wheel Diameter
Ø 28” x 1” W
Feed Rate
16~92 FPM
Dust Hood Diameter
Ø 4” x 3 Pieces
Saw Blade Size (L x W)
168” x 1”
Hydraulic System Motor
3 HP
Elevation Motor
1/4 HP
Saw Wheel Motor
20HP, 3Ph 220/440V* Prewired 220V *Optional 440/460 volt available special order only.
2,200 lbs
Packing Dimensions - Frame
83” x 47.5” x 51.5”
Packing Dimensions - Conveyor
110.5” x 22” x 33”